Upcoming Shows

Hey All,

We’ve been busy setting up shows for the summer and we’ve got a TON of them coming your way but there are coming up quick that we would LOVE to see you all at:

May 19th @ The Player’s Pub in Adrian,MI w/Supergenius & Mentel Breakdown

This is our first official local show so we want to see all of our friends and family and local fans out there.  It’s just $5, doors open at 9pm, and it’s going to be an incredible night.  Our brothers in Supergenius are kicking off their Destroy Everything tour  and wanted us to tear the stage up with them on the first night out.  Come out and support the local music scene, tear it up with us while we’re on stage, and hang with us the whole night!

June 1st @ Frankie’s Inner City in Toledo,OH w/Supergenius and TBA

We’re back at Frankie’s!  Loved playing this place so we’re going back.  This show is EXTREMELY important to us too.  This is our chance to show the Toledo music scene what a band from southern Michigan can really do.  We want to see as many of you out there as we can because there’s a catch for this show.  We’ve been booked into the Toledo Music Festival which is a big fest with close to 50 bands and depending on how many tickets we sell for the June 1st show depends on out slot and exposure for the festival.  So we’ve got tickets for pre-sale that are only $5, and you can hit any one of us up for them.  So come out and support us and Supergenius!

That’s all that we can tell you about now, we’ve got a bunch more shows in the works in the Adrian and Hillsdale area that we’ll let you know as soon as we can, and then the Toledo Music Fest in July.

If you haven’t gotten our new record you can download it on iTunes or you can get a signed  copy mailed to you from our site Undercutband.com and at any one of our shows

Stay tuned,



Update #1 – November 24th, 2011


Since our ReverbNation.com site suggested we create a blog, I decided that I would go ahead and do just that and give, those of you that are interested, updates on what’s going on in the world of Undercut.

So here it is 6:30am Thanksgiving day and I’ve been hard at work mixing the drum tracks for Deception and Trapped.  Everything seems to be coming along really smoothly and we’re actually ahead of the schedule I set.  So far all of the drums tracks have been recorded and all but one song has been cut, arranged, and mixed.  There’s still three songs that need guitars tracked on, we need to lay down bass and vocals on 6.  Give us some time and we’ll have an actual, physical product that you can hold in your hand and admire!  Of course you could also listen to it if you so choose.  Since this weekend is a holiday, I’m hoping Wes and I can bang out the rest of the guitar tracks and I can start bringing in Charles to record his bass lines next week and get Paul in here shortly after that!

As soon as we can, we’re going to post another song up on Facebook/ReverbNation, so stay tuned.  It’s been a slow progress so far, but since we’re just starting out, and we’re doing EVERYTHING ourselves, we knew it was going to be a long and arduous process.  That being said, we would REALLY like to thank ALL of our friends and family who have stuck by us as we take on this adventurous endeavor, it really means a lot to us and keeps us pushing onward to have all of your support.

So, there it is, that’s it and all that wonderful junk. I’ll try to update this as we keep making progress.  Be sure to check out the video Wes and I just posted tonight of us working through a new song on Facebook (unless I can figure out how to post it here as well…) This is what makes it fun for us, we’ve got 8 songs that we’re recording and going to put out on an album but we’re still constantly writing new material and we love every moment of it!

Thanks for listening,


….and apparently I can’t upload videos on here unless I do a ‘video upgrade’.  Maybe another time, but you can check it out on Reverbnation.com/undercut